Money ART - Learning about Money Management through the creative arts.

Money Management courses delivered interactively using the creative arts to empower and build personal financial capability and economic well being.

Money ART can tailor courses to suit learner group needs, catering for groups from all ages and all sections of the community. The courses use drama, poetry, story boards, rapping, music and graphic arts to effectively teach the sometimes dry subject of money management. The course is usually concluded with a presentation or exhibition of the creative art which has been produced by the learners during the training.

Money ART offers courses from 1 to 10 days covering subjects such as budgeting; banking; understanding interest rates; the cost of credit and debt awareness. Learners will leave with the ability to write their own personal budget, the knowledge to tackle any debts they may have and a resource list of where to go for help and support.

Courses are typically one day courses of 5 or 6 hours, uses drama and music where learners are given the opportunity to plan, prepare, practice and devise pieces of work that expresses and evidences their learning e.g a drama sketch, song or drawing etc. Learners are given the opportunity, with appropriate signed authority, to be filmed.

Money ART can also offer the ASDAN accredited personal finance short course award particularly aimed at young adults. An additional fee would be required for each learner to cover costs associated with accreditation.


Helping Your Clients Programme for workers who work with young adults (16-25)

Each course consists of a 2 hour session and is aligned to the Adult Financial Capability Framework (AFCAF).

Devised by the Citizen's Advice Financial Skills for Life Team and bureaux nationally, the courses are:

Banking - Helping your clients get to grips with banking

Budgeting - Helping your clients keep track of their money

Borrowing - Helping your clients get savvy with credit

Debt Advice - Helping your clients get debt advice when they need it


Energy Best Deal Session
1 hour session devised by Ofgem and Citizen's Advice

Making Sense of Money course
3 hours per week over 8 weeks - covers family budgeting, Income & Expenditure, money saving ideas, strategies for clearing your Debts, Banking, Jargon Busters, Credit Unions, CAB, Cost of Borrowing, Cost of Credit, Savings & Investments (not financial advice), Saving for Christmas (Save Xmas) and buying goods and services - rights and responsibilities.

Savings Session
2 hours. Session works towards the AFCAF and learners should be able to:

identify things to save up for, give examples of reasons to save, describe two advantages of saving for large expense, describe the key features of different types of saving products, know that some savings products are protected and identify ways to make small savings.

Family Financial Capability
can include some home activity and joint activity between parent/carer/guardian and their child(ren) - (also includes some activities for children to do e.g. What can they do top save energy and money in the home?)

A series of weekly sessions or a choice of ad hoc one-off sessions to suit demand, budget and availability.
Basic Budgeting 1 = managing a family budget
Basic Budgeting 2 = saving energy, saving money (includes Energy Best Deal)
Planning a trip 1
Planning a trip 2 - Going on a trip
Bargain Hunting and sales
Rainy day 1 (includes Savings Session)
Rainy day 2 - concepts of 'value' and 'money'
Spotting the Scams

Prices of all courses on application



Music and art has helped young people from Northwich and Winsford learn how to manage their finances better.

Twenty-five Weaver Vale Housing Trust customers who have either just started their first tenancy or who are struggling to budget their money took part in a MoneyART course at St Chad's Church on Thursday, September 29.

MoneyART uses drama, poetry, story boards, rapping, music and graphic arts to teach money management skills including banking, borrowing, budgeting and debt advice.

Vernon Fuller, who runs the course, said: Learning about money management can be dry and boring but creativity can bring the subject to life. I tailor my courses to suit the needs of the group and can cater for groups of all ages and all sections of the community.

Vernon is a professional musician who has helped provide financial advice to people across the North West for over 15 years, working for the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) and HM Treasury before setting up his latest MoneyART venture almost two years ago.

Activities during his session in Winsford included singing songs about money saving and producing artwork about the dangers of loan sharks.

Sue Hall, from Winsford, one of the Trust customers who took part, said: The course really helps you to pick up a lot of information because it gets you involved and makes you think rather than it just being someone talking to you.

It is really easy to think that money issues and problems like loan sharks don't concern you but then when money gets tight sometimes you feel like you have no other option. The MoneyART course shows you in a fun way that there are organisations out there who can help people in difficult financial situations.

Sabine Isaac, Money Management Officer for the Trust, who organised the session, said: When I first heard about Vernon's course I thought it would be a really different and interactive way for the Trust to get across some really important messages to customers.

The customers that took part seemed to enjoy getting involved with the activities and hopefully they will take away some handy hints and tips that will help them in the future.

Sabine and Sarah Chittenden, the Trust's Welfare Benefit Officer, help Trust customers with money and benefit issues, assisting them in applying for benefits, and offering support in accessing tariffs for gas and electric.

The Trust also helps customers with grant applications to other Trusts and Charities or referral to other sources of independent free advice like the Citizens Advice Bureau, National Debtline and the Consumer Credit Counselling Service.
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MoneyART - Money Management Courses using the Arts