Are you financially fit for university?

Don’t allow fear of debt prevent you from fulfilling your potential!

Learn how to control your finances before your finances control you!

“A degree of success”

(Can be offered as a half day or full day for up to 200 students)
Vernon Fuller and Alan Child of Moneyart offer an exciting, fun-filled, interactive experience of drama, art and music to help you develop your money management skills and prepare
you for independent living at university or college.

Vernon is a vastly experienced financial adviser having worked for one of the most highly regarded Citizens Advice Bureaux and is a professional musician.  Alan is a trained teacher of English and Drama and was formerly Regional Director with the personal finance education group.

To book a course phone 07746 624180/ 07884 480288
or email


Outline Programme and Fees

Typical Programme (full day)

Introduction: purposes of the day, house rules etc

The Music Man: Vernon explores some ideas about money through music
Students engage in paired work on a task exploring attitudes to money in society

The MASH test: Alan leads a highly interactive exercise (involving lots of movement, discussion, decision making and reflection) which encourages students to think about their life balance when at university or college, focusing on money, health, social life and academic work.  (This has proved extremely successful and interesting in several NW schools)

Money Matters: Vernon takes an interactive lecture/PowerPoint presentation which addresses some key issues about personal financial management (how to avoid going into the red and what to do if things don’t go to plan)

A Degree of Success:  Alan facilitates the students into a specially written piece of drama which explores the relationship between parents and their children as they face the challenges of student life.  The real excitement is when students get to chance to change the script and perform extracts whilst being directed by Alan and their fellow students.
Timings can be adjusted to suit the school day but the full experience requires four hours.
Fees (inclusive of VAT and all expenses and resources) are on a sliding scale, on application but typical group numbers are:
Student number               Fee (full day 4hrs)     (half day 2½ hrs)
Up to 100                          £POA                £POA
101 to 150                         £POA                £POA
151 to 200                         £POA                £POA
Over 200                           £POA               £POA

We believe our fees represent fantastic value for money and you can be assured that Vernon and Alan, as trained teachers, know how to engage students and give them every chance to learn. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like further details.  We are only too ready to respond to the particular needs of your students and amend and adjust our programme.

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