What learners say after attending courses delivered by Vernon

“The children really enjoyed the role play/drama. Mr Fuller was enthusiastic and the parents who attended were involved too” Mrs M – Ashurst Primary School.

“Children were kept interested by having resources to hand. The audio adverts on the lap top were interesting” – Ashurst Primary School

“Pacey delivery – kept children interested” – L R – St Mary & St Thomas Primary School

“Good ideas to help children understand about debt at an early age. Well delivered” – L R – St Mary & St Thomas Primary School

“Great delivery” “Made the children really think”

“ Poems! (great). Pleasant, encouraging attitude. Pupils responded well. Topic was presented at a suitable level to maintain their interest” – Mrs C – Ashurst Primary School

“Delivery by Vernon entertaining for children and kept their focus” – Mrs F – Ashurst Primary School

“A very lively time of year for year 6 but Vernon grabbed and kept their attention. Thank you” – Mrs F – Ashurst Primary School

“Delivery was pitched correctly to age group. Lots of expressive face movements and voice changes” – Mrs T – Ashurst Primary School Year 3

“I thought that the discussion was helpful and I thought that the money personality sheet help(ed) me realise I can blow my money so overall the lesson was very informative” – College student

“Very useful. Found out things I did not know, important things. Good advice on credit cards and explained interest rates/apr etc very well and clearly” – College student

“I will read the small print and shop around for the best deal” e2e learner on a vocational construction course

“It will help me save” Sixth Form College student

“It will help me start a business when I get older” e2e learner on a vocational course

“I have found myself in a better financial situation thanks to this course” Young carer

“It has made me decide that spending money on stupid things is pointless and to save it is better” Year 11 student

"Very enjoyable lesson and very informative play with a lot of humour” Year 8 student

“I am pleased I came to this session today. I will take my financial situation more carefully” Learner who is long-term unemployed

“Vernon was brilliant and I really enjoyed the way he taught us” Young carer

“Witnessing the young people’s enthusiasm for the subject develop during the course” Staff member

“Young people enjoyed being creative – Made a drama about money matters – Vernon used their strengths & interests to engage with (the) young people about financial matters” Staff member

“Good fun & learnt a lot” Learner

“Fort sic it was going to (be) rubbish but it was mint” Learner


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